Скиллы Soul Reaper, продолжение ветки Soul Linker

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    Soul Linkers who have obtained enormous knowledge and energy from the dead become Soul Reapers.

    Utility skills
    • Soul Accumulation
    The Soul Reaper collects wandering souls’ energy, and concentrates it. This toggle type skill collects Soul Energy, which can be spent to use skills.

    Offensive Skills
    • Soul Harvesting
    Each time the Soul Reaper damages a target, there’s a chance to drain a certain amount of Soul Energy. Buff-type skill.
    • Esha
    Using their [Soul Energy], the Soul Reaper tires the enemy out, making them slower. Reduces the movement speed of your target and those around him. Allows the use of [Esma] afterwards. Cannot be cast on other players.
    • Espa
    Uses the energy of the soul to inflict a great magical attack to an enemy. An Es-type damaging skill, allows the use of [Eshu] afterwards. Cannot be cast on other players.
    • Eshu
    By absorbing spiritual energy around them, the Soul Reaper can release immense amounts of Soul Energy to deal [Ghost] damage. Allows the use of [Esma] afterwards. Cannot be cast on other players.
    • Soul Fragmentation
    Splits the enemy’s soul, breaking their mental condition and increasing cooldown of skills. By fragmenting target’s soul, breaks their mental condition. This skill can only be used in PvP-enabled areas.
    • Demonic Soul’s Curse
    Uses the magic of evil spirits to curse enemies. Causes AoE [Curse] effect.
    • Soul Explosion
    The Soul Reaper finds a piece of evil in your target’s spirit and uses it to harm them. AoE Dark Property magic damage. Increased damage on [Curse]d targets.

    Support Skills
    • Soul Energy Research
    The Soul Reaper furthers their study of the energy of the soul, allowing them to carry more Soul Energy. Increases maximum amount of Soul Energy you can carry.
    • Soul Connection
    The Soul Reaper connects their soul with those of their party members, comforting them. This skill heals the party members’ HP and allows the Soul Reaper to use [Kaut] on linked members.
    • Kaut
    Using their power along with that of their party members, the Soul Reaper increases the stabilty of Soul Energy in their souls. This skill consumes the Soul Reaper’s HP in order to restore the target’s SP. It can be used on Soul Reaper/Linker and its family, and party members within [Soul Connection].
    • Soul Circulation
    Discards the Soul Link of the target in order to recover their SP.

    Spirit Property Skills
    Instead of obtaining the energy of the soul, the Soul Reaper augments the energy of the soul in a different manner for each type of target. As long as long as a Spirit property skill is active on a target, you cannot cast a second one on the same target.
    • Shadow Spirit
    Increases Crit and ASPD of the target.
    • Fairy Spirit
    Increases MATK and reduces Casting Delay (not specified whether it means fixed or variable).
    • Hawk Spirit
    Increases Hit and ATK.
    • Golem Spirit
    Increases MDEF and DEF.
    • Spirit Explosion
    The Soul Reaper explodes the soul of the target, dealing damage equal to the amount of the target’s current HP.
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